Thursday, September 22, 2016

Enclosure links in Blogger

 Enclosure links are bits of information in Atom and RSS feeds that makes podcasting possible by making media files 'visible' to podcatchers.
 Podcast media that are added in our posts can't be read by podcatchers because Blogger posts are in Atom format (like an RSS feed). That's where enclosure links come in picture.

How to enable Enclosure links in Blogger?   

  1. Go to the Blogger dashboard, and then click on Settings >> Other from the sidebar on the left
  2. Find Enable Title Links and Enclosure Links option and set this to Yes.

Where would we find the Enclosure Links option in Blogger?

  1. Open the Post Editor in the Blogger
  2. Open the Post settings option in the right hand side 
  3. Look for Link section under Post setting option 
  4. Enclosure Links would be below Permalink section option
  • We could add multiple enclosure links, along with their MIME types. But for compatibility with most client-applications, it is best practice to add just one per post.
  • For video files, enclosure links would automatically generate.