Thursday, July 13, 2017

Error response from daemon: Docker push already in progress

It's relatively common that one would tend to interrupt the current ongoing process of uploading assets on the cloud and try it again when it's taking too much time to upload. With Docker, you might face below issue i.e "Docker push already in progress" if you interrupt the docker push command and try running it again for publishing your image to the Docker repository i.e Docker Hub.

The error states that: Error response from daemon: push <username>/<repository> is already in progress.
From the error message, it's clear that push/upload is still running in the background but we are unable to see it's progress. If one can wait to finish the current docker push then the problem will automatically resolve. 

In this article, we would discuss the circumstances that may leads to the above issue and the resolution of this issue i.e how to get back the docker push progress bar.

How one can hit by above issue?

By Interrupting the docker push command and try running it again. This interruption might be manual (Ctrl + C) or due to network connection problem.
Command: docker push [username]/[repository]:[tag]  //tag is optional

How to get back docker push progress bar?

boot2docker restart           // On Mac 
sudo service docker restart   // On Linux
Caution: Above command might stop all the running containers in the system. 

Thank you for reading this article. Hope you would get back your docker push progress bar. If you have any suggestion or have any question do let me know in the comment box. Happy Learning!!

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