Thursday, October 10, 2019

How to access Spring beans in Thymeleaf registered at the Spring Application Context?

Thymeleaf allows accessing beans registered at the Spring Application Context in the standard way defined by Spring EL i.e. by using the @beanName syntax, for example:
<div th:text="${@urService.getSomething()}">...</div> 
This could be useful if one wants to expose some utility methods from Java end to Thymeleaf templates.

Till now I haven't used this feature in any of my projects but when I came to know about this feature. I thought why not test it whether it really works or not.
For testing purposes, I have added a @Component annotation (org.springframework.stereotype.Component;) in one of my Spring Boot Utility Class and added a test method i.e. getMessage() which simply returns a String. The idea is to make this bean available in the Spring Application Context. After that, I have tried accessing it using the above syntax and it worked.
For reference,
## test Method
public String getMessage() {
   return "pura game hai";
## accessing it in Thymeleaf template 
<div th:text="${@utility.getMessage()}">...</div> 
This is fairly easy and might be useful in some scenarios. Happy Learning!! ☺

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